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Our range of Axial fans are suitable for a wide range of domestic and industrial applications including bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, including zones 1 & 2,  medium to big-size living, administrative, commercial, industrial and agricultural premises. All our MM domestic series, Supply ventilation unit, Industrial fans, inline axial fans and heat resistant fans are fitted with high efficiency double insulated motors, which are totally maintenance free and sealed for life. The embedded Long Life double capsulated bearings guarantee smooth running for over 30 000 hours of continuous operation.

Our domestic range of stylish and easy to install extractor fans are available with a variety of operational specifications:


Domestic Range

Standard model

Operates from the light switch or a separate pull-cord switch.


Timer model

Ensures operation 5 min after the light switch or pull-cord is switched off.


Humidity Control System and Timer model

Operates when the humidity in the room reaches 70%. Ensures operation for 5 min after the    humidity drops below 70%.


Light Relay and Timer model

Operates when the room is lit and the built-in timer ensures operation for 5 minutes after the light is off.


Sensor Cord model

Operates at the touch of the sensor cord.


Infra-red switch model

An automatic, convenient and safe way of switching on/off your fan. Operates each time the infrared beam is intercepted.


                In-line Axial Fans

                Ideal to connect air ducts or to be installed in vent openings.



               Supply Ventilation Unit

ü        Draws in and thoroughly filters fresh outside air in your premises;

ü        Heats up the fresh air inflow to room temperature;

ü        Ionizes the heated and filtered fresh air;

ü        Keeps the humidity in the premises below 70%.


              Ultra quiet double speed axial fan

              Operates at remarkable quietness at less than 13 dB, and with the incredible 4 Watts consumption    at moderate operational mode, allowing 24 hour continuous operation.


              High Temperature Fans for Sauna and Steam room

              Operate at temperatures up to 1500C and 100% humidity.


              Heat Resistant Inline Axial Fans  

              High temperature resistant inline axial fans, suitable to be fitted in hot air  distribution ductwork  systems, connected to fireplaces and other heating installations. 


Industrial Fans

              High volume Long Life fans suitable for medium to big size living, administrative, industrial and agricultural premises.


Special Applications Axial Fans

              Cooling of electronic control panels, electrical panels, welding machines, installation in cooling and ventilation systems etc.



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