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For ‘MMotors’ JSC Production, Etropole, BG

With that reference, ‘KOZLODUY NPP’ PLC certifies that ‘MMotors’ JSC, Etropole has always been a loyal partner and supplier.

'KOZLODUY NPP’ PLC has had excellent business relations with ‘MMotors’ JSC, Etropole for the last ten years. The company has always been precise, loyal, and professional with manufacturing our orders. All business contracts have always been completed with due quality and deadlines accuracy.

‘MMotors’ JSC, Etropole is the only manufacturer in Bulgaria of fans type BA 12/2K with technological characteristics answering all the requirements for their application in ‘KOZLODUY NPP’ PLC.

‘KOZLODUY NPP’ PLC, therefore, highly recommends ‘MMotors’ JSC, Etropole as an exceptionally tolerant, and loyal partner.

This reference is issued to ‘MMotors’ JSC, Etropole to promote the company for participation in different competitions and sales auctions, and with no further obligations on our behalf.