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MM-S for sauna & steam room

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LONG LIFE High Temperature Fans MM-S series



In a sauna, you expose yourself to a high temperature
for a long enough time to cause perspiration.

This perspiration causes the release of skin impurities,
bacteria's and toxins in the air, which are unpleasant
and harmful to inhale. 

To ensure a healthy and enjoyable sauna you must
have a good ventilation system in the place.
The efficient sauna ventilation speeds up the body's
self curative system and its ability to regain energy.

Our specially designed ventilators for sauna and steam room
operate at temperatures up to 1500C and at 100% humidity.

The body, the vane and the back shutter are made from Glass 
Filled Polyamide resisting temperature of 2000C, which allows
the fan to be mounted within the sauna or steam room.

The totally reliable double insulated electric motor and the
special high temperature double  capsulated ball bearings,
guarantee 30 000 hours flawless operation of the fan whether
mounted horizontally or vertically.


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