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High Temperature Resistant

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Heat Resistant In-line Axial Fans - VO and VOK series


The VO series In-line axial fans have equally sectioned
cylinder shape, which makes it suitable to be fitted in air
ducts or vent openings, while the VOK series have an outer
rim of the cylinder making it ideal for connecting air ducts.

The VO and VOK Series high temperature fans are designed
to resist up to 1500C. 

They can be fitted in hot air distribution
ductwork system connected to fireplaces and other
heating installations.

As an additional feature the fan can be equipped
with a thermostat which automatically turns on the
unit when the temperature reaches 500C and turns off
when it drops to 350C. 


The body, the turbine, and the back shutter of the VO and VOK
series heat resistant fans are manufactured from aluminum alloy
providing efficient cooling and fire safety, while the noiseless and
highly efficient electric motors are sealed for life and totally
maintenance free.

The fan is equipped with a special shutter which
protects it from overheating in case of sudden power cut.
The embedded heat resistant Long Life double capsulated
ball bearings guarantee smooth operation for over 30 000 hours
of continuous usage.

As an additional accessories are offered decorative grilles
made from Glass-Filled Polyamide resisting 2000C.





Technical Data




All VO and VOK series fans can be produced with length “I” to suit most specific requirements of our customer.
The length “I” for the VO series indicated in the tables below is the minimum length possible to achieve.


Heat Resistant In-line Axial Fans for Fireplace
Heat Resistant In-line Axial Fans for Fireplace
Heat Resistant In-line Axial Fans - VO series
Heat Resistant In-line Axial Fans - VO series