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MM2-MG Supply Ventilation Unit

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It cannot be stressed enough how important is ventilation for every home or occupational work environment where most people spend 90% of their lives. Good ventilation is as important for the premises we live and work in, as fresh air is a necessity for our good health.
The MM2-MG Supply Ventilation Unit is specially designed for the Maltese and Gozo’s buildings. Quiet and discrete it draws in fresh outside air, thoroughly filtered through charcoal filter and finally ionized
for healthier indoor environment.
The MM2-MG Supply Ventilation Unit is a better and healthier approach to ventilation of your home or office. It is fitted with a Humidity Control system and timer which keeps the humidity below 70%, to prevent the formation of mould and mildew.
The filtered air passes through an ionizer, filling the air with negative ions which kills harmful viruses and bacteria. The ionized air has a refreshing effect to your environment and is an important factor for regaining body energy, providing clean air solution for allergies and asthma.
MM2-MG consists of the following components:
1. Outer grille - prevents the system of getting dump from splashes and rains.
2. Filters:
   • Charcoal filter - guarantees fresh and filtered airflow in the premises even in heavy polluted areas. Thoroughly clears the air from smells, dust, burnt gas, bacteria etc.
   • Fine filter - used in very dusty areas
The filter should be changed every 4 to 6 months in heavy polluted areas.
 3. Ionizer - disinfects and cleans the air from dust and debris that can be harmful to breath or aggravate allergies. Prevents the formation of mould and mildew.
4. Fans - the supply fans are equipped with a regulator allowing to control the debit of the inflowing air and the noise level.
5. Decorative grille - can be white, inox or other colours.
6. Control unit – switches on off the speed regulator, the humidity control system and timer.
   • Humidity Control System – switches the unit and increases the debit to maximum when the humidity reaches over 70-75%.
6.1. Regulator - gradually changes the rotational speed of the fan from 900 min-1 to 2650 min-1 and adjusts the flow rate from 30m³/h to 100m³/h.
6.2. Switches

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