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Category: FANS Download catalog in pdf format HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION UNIT Many modern homes are heated with solid fuel systems. In most cases the heating system is designed unprofessional and without provided input of fresh entering the room. Despite popular belief the regular opening of doors and windows is not an effective solution. When the oxygen entering the premise is not sufficient, the result is incomplete combustion which forms carbon monoxide - a highly poisonous gas with no odor or color. CO threatens our lives and health, and is the cause of accidents in heating with solid fuels. To ensure healthy microclimate the solid fuel stove must get fresh air at least 4 m³/h for each kW of thermal capacity, while to fireplace with open fire, depending on the size, this value is many times greater. Considering the need of positive pressure in the room with your fireplace, the use of airflow system that delivers clean air is both essential for good combustion of your heater and your health. MMotors provides a solution for this problem through a series COMPACT VENTILATION SYSTEMS "ECO-FRESH 01" Air-flow system Eco-Fresh purifies the air from odors, dust, bacteria and car exhaust gases. The device has embedded hydrostat that controls the humidity in the room, keeping it in the range below 75% which prevents humidification and mold growth. Emitted during unit's operation negatively charged ions that destroy the disease-causing microorganisms, prevent the spread of infections. Ionized air improves the work capacity, removes fatigue and helps the recovery after long and heavy illness. It also has a beneficial effect in cases of bronchial asthma, respiratory diseases, migraine, neurosis and cardiovascular problems. ensures fresh air and healthy microclimate in the premises; stale air exhaust; creates an overpressure supporting the full combustion and flue gases removal; controls humidity and prevent mold growth; inlet of purified and ionized air; the use of " heat recovery" leads to significant energy saving and reductions of heat loss; easy for installation and maintenance. Release

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